About Sarah-Anne

Me, Sarah-Anne Eliza, standing in a field

Sarah-Anne is an Artist, Yoga teacher, Suicide Awareness and Indigenous Wellness Advocate/Speaker. She is also a Mother to a toddler age son. She is a proud Anishinaabekwe/Metis woman, Eagle Clan member and her family is claimed by Gambler First Nation. 

Through her work she strives to enable accessible, community focused wellness. She strives to invoke positive change in the world for the next 7 generations and to inspire others to nurture their own creativity.  Her mission in all her work is to share the message that when we take care of ourselves, we have the capacity to take care of each other and we all can work together to take care of the Mother Earth, just as she takes care of us. She hopes to remind people that as humans we are a part of nature, a part of Mother Earth and when we reconnect ourselves back to the land, we can foster a reciprocal relationship with the Earth. 

Though her job titles have changed through out the years, Sarah Anne has never put herself in a box. Even to this day, she continues to pursue all her passions, her offerings ever evolving, but her passion for working with youth has always been the common ground. Whether it was working in theatre and film, her more than 10 years of work in the wellness industry as an RMT as well as a yoga teacher or as a manager of a non-profit, she has always found a way to spend her days improving the 4 portions of well-being (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual) in the next generation.

Sarah Anne’s driving force in her life has always been to honour the life of her mother, who she lost to suicide at the tender age of 2. She aims to live her life as an extension of her Mother's, to live the good life or “ mino bimaadiziwin” and to inspire others to do the same. Each day she wakes with the intention to break the intergenerational trauma that caused her Mother's death.