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Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Sarah Anne is a mental health advocate who shares her story of losing her own Mother to suicide, and how she has chosen to live her life to honour her Mom instead of continuing the cycles of intergenerational trauma that led to her Mom's death.

Sarah Anne hopes to inspire others to live the good life in honour of those lost to suicide and for people to find healing in talking about their loved ones life, instead of focusing on and feeling shame for their death.

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A New Author On The Block

So WHO is Sarah-Anne?

Honestly I’m still figuring that out. But here’s what I do know: I am a Anishinaabe/Metis woman who is also of settler decent. I am closest to my “highest”, “truest” self when I am in nature hiking or gathering medicine, moving my body through yoga, cycling, swimming or running and when I’m creating art in the kitchen, with a paint brush or my words. But at my core of cores, I am a Mama.