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Baby & Me Yoga with Massage

Baby & Me Yoga with Massage

An 8 week series where we will come together not only to share a yoga practice and learn massage techniques to improve the wellbeing of your baby, but to provide a supportive community for one another on our journeys in caregiving. 

Each week we will build on our yoga practice to help reverse the imbalances child rearing cause in your body, while including your baby in your practice. You will be given massage tools that improve latch and help ease colic, reflux and tummy upset while supporting the development of their motor skills and a secure attachment between you. 

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A New Author On The Block

So WHO is Sarah-Anne?

Honestly I’m still figuring that out. But here’s what I do know: I am a Anishinaabe/Metis woman who is also of settler decent. I am closest to my “highest”, “truest” self when I am in nature hiking or gathering medicine, moving my body through yoga, cycling, swimming or running and when I’m creating art in the kitchen, with a paint brush or my words. But at my core of cores, I am a Mama.